7 inch Santoku Japanese Chef Knife

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MIKARTO is revolutionizing ​kitchenware​ and the way we broach ​food prep, cooking​, and ​baking​. Our ​multi-purpose 7” Santoku knife​ exemplifies what happens when ​high quality craftsmanship ​harmonizes with ​superior​ build and materials. Comprised of a ​high-retention​, subliminally sharp blade​ with a ​triple-riveted military-grade handle, ​this ​stainless steel, high carbon knife​ embodies what ​high-end, high-performance cutlery​ looks like.

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Boasting an ​AUS-10V vacuum-heated damascus blade​, the Mikarto​ japanese-style knife ​is so sharp, it practically FALLS through ​meats and fish and promises​ laser-precision slicing ​with ​vegetables​ and fruit. The Santoku blade is shorter than a chef’s knife with a sheep’s foot rounded end and straighter edge profile, ideal for push cutting. Blade friction is minimized by ‘Rockhollow’ divots which create tiny air pockets as you prepare your meals.


Our ​carbon steel culinary knife​ brandishes a ​Rockwell hardness of 62+ with 66 layers of ​high-carbon​ metal, making this ​cooking knife ​incredibly ​durable and ​resilient. Finished with a ​nitrogen cooling treatment​ for exceptional ​hardness, ​our ​full-tang knife ​is​ corrosion-resistant​ and ​rust-resistant​. Built with stainless steel, these knives require minimal maintenance, so you don’t need to hone​ or​ sharpen them ​nearly as often as other ​knifeware​.


Featuring a ​triple-rivet, G-10 handle​ that is slip-resistant ​and lends itself to extensive use, ​optimal knuckle clearance​ and long hours, our ​cook’s knife ​helps alleviate accidents while also providing a​ smooth grip ​whether you are ​dicing, chopping, slicing, cutting​ or ​mincing​ food. All of these features result in a​ balanced, weighted fusion between a chef’s knife and a vegetable cleaver, making food preparation​ easier and more enjoyable.


A ​modern​ spin off the ​traditional 7” knife​, the Mikarto Santoku features a ​gorgeous hammered finish blade, ​and ​sleek​ black handle, stamped with our logo. Furnished in our ​​black and royal blue ​storage box​ with safety snap clasp, this knife set​ is truly a sight to behold. The professional-level​ artistry of Mikarto​ knives​ make the perfect gift for ​events like a ​wedding, anniversary​, and ​birthday ​or holidays like ​Christmas, Mother’s​ or Father’s Day​.