What are the MIKARTO Shokunin Series X Knives made from?

Our carbon steel culinary knives are made from AUS-10 Japanese Super steel brandishing a Rockwell hardness of 62+ with 66 layers of high-carbon metal, making these knives incredibly durable and resilient as well as outperforming all of our competitors. Finished off with a nitrogen cooling treatment for exceptional hardness, our full-tang knife is corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, and won’t lose it’s integrity easily.

What is the handle made from?

Featuring an ergonomic handle for comfort, the a triple-rivet, G-10 handle is slip-resistant and lends itself to extensive use, optimal knuckle clearance and long hours, our knives helps alleviate accidents while also providing a smooth grip whether you are dicing, chopping, slicing, cutting or mincing food. All of these features result in a balanced, weighted knife that makes food and meal preparation easier and more enjoyable.

How do you sharpen the MIKARTO Knives?

Pretty much the same way you would sharpen any other knife using a MIKARTO Whetstone that suits the level of shapering you desire. You should sharpen it at the original angle which is a 12 degree angle being slightly narrower than a standard knife. The MIKARTO Whetstones come with an ‘Angle guide’ and a concise Knife Sharpening Instruction ebook which shows exactly how to sharpen your knife.

How do you maintain this knife? Is it high maintenance?

The MIKARTO Shokunin Series X knives are made of high carbon steel and while rust-resistant, it is more prone to rust than stainless steel knives. We advise handwashing the knife and drying it completely before placing it inside its ‘Ever Safe’ Storage Box. High carbon steel is also very hard and does not bend like softer steels would, so this is not to be used in cutting hard materials such as bone or shells. Best practice would be to use a soft cutting board, such as wood or plastic.

What is the dimensions of the MIKARTO Shokunin Series X knives

The 8” Gyuto Hammered Finish Chef knife has a total length of 32 cm / 13”, Blade length 20.3cm / 8”, Blade width 5.5cm / 2.2”, Handel length 13cm / 5.11” with a blade thickness of 2.2mm / 0.08” 
The 7” Santoku Rose Tsuchime Finish Chef Knife has a total length of 30 cm / 12”, Blade length 17.8cm / 7”, Blade width 4.8cm / 1.9”, Handle length 13cm / 5.11” with a Blade thickness of 1.9mm / 0.08”.

The overall package dimensions for all our knives are 16.46 x 3.98 x 1.57 inches so the perfect giftable size to ship to your favorite friends or family!

Are the MIKARTO knife handles ambidextrous?

Yes all our knives have an ambidextrous handle and a flat V grind, so this is comfortable to use for both right handed and left handed users.



What are the MIKARTO Whetstones made from?

Using state of art engineering processes and superior materials, each of our superior Whetstones are made from the highest quality bonded abrasive compound of aluminium oxide or ‘Corundum’. Unlike Natural Whetstones, our bonded abrasives provide a faster cutting action and are considered superior in sharpening performance due to consistency of particle size and control over the properties of the stones. Double-sided with coarse grit on one side and fine grit on the other, just the one stone satisfies the fundamental requirements for superior knife sharpening.

What does the MIKARTO Whetstone Knife Sharpening Kit come with?

Each of our double-sided premium quality Whetstones comes with a fine and super fine honing stone that sharpens and polishes, there’s also Knife Angle Guide that keeps blades steady and at a perfect angle for sharpening along with a cleaning or lapping stone for the sharpening stone surfaces that keeps it in tip-top condition which is stored away neatly in the aerated, non-slip, super stylish, durable plastic protective box with breathing holes to keep product safe and dry. There’s also our detailed instruction manual e-Book with lots of tips and tricks suitable for every skill level

How big is the MIKARTO Whetstone Knife Sharpening Kit?

The whetstone is made for any size knife and its measurements are 7.5 inches long,  3 inches wide and 2.5 inches high and comes in various colors depending on the grit combination you choose.

What is the difference between the various MIKARTO Whetstone kits?

The difference is the coarseness of the grits and depending on the blade type and how dull or blunt the edge is will decide on which stone you should use. As an example the 1000/6000 is a great 'all rounder', the 3000/8000 is perfect for achieving the sharpest edge possible whilst the 400/1000 is for a dull edge that needs to be really brought back to life ready for either the 1000/6000 or the 3000/8000

Are these stones to be used with water or oil?̬

They are Whetstones meaning they require using water only, using oil will clog the grits and lose effectiveness Keep in mind this is not an oil stone but wet stone using water as lubricant while sharpening knives.

What is the little white stone it comes with and how do I use it?

The little white stone serves two purposes, one being to create a slurry to whetstone and the second function is to level whetstone to create a smooth level surface for sharpening. The slurry firms to sharpen and polish the blade such that it will become razor sharp. 

Which side of the MIKARTO Whetstones do I use and when?

The courser grit should be used initially to shape the edge then finer grit used as the final to polish a razor sharp edge.

Are these Whetstones Sharpening stones good for beginners?

Absolutely,  the MIKARTO Sharpening Stones are perfect for beginners. There is a knife angle guide in the sharpening stone kit which ensures your knife will be at the perfect angle every time.